What? Really write Something?

Imagine my surprise recently, when I got the distinct impression that I’m supposed to start actually writing, not just whining and complaining in my journal time. And when I tried to respond to that impression, I came up with — NOTHING!! I had no cohesive thoughts, ideas, inklings, just nothing!

Hmmmmm. What to do? “Well,” I thought to myself, “there must be some sort of help online.” So I searched writing prompts and found that there is quite a bit of help out there. It remains to be seen if it’s good help or not. It’ll take a while to weed through all the possibilities that appeared online. I also found a couple of creative writing groups that I’m going to investigate for helps. Not just prompts, but encouragement, critiquing, and more. But one of the best prompts actually came from an Instagram caption from my grand niece. She said, “I go to seek a great perhaps.” What a great line! And the story lines that could come from it, well, the possibilities are just endless. And in view of that,…

“I go to seek a great perhaps.”

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