I’m a Writer!

Well, I still haven’t figured out how to make my new blog, Distractifying.com do what I want, sonfor now I’ll just have to post here.

My novelette, The Barbeque, has officially made me a writer. I got my first official rejection letter. So I now feel official – I AM A WRITER! However, my next goal is to become a PAID writer!

I have three stories in two publications. Paulie and Talitha I’ve mentioned before. They are in a book called “Reasons For Hope: Speculative Fiction and Poetry” by The Writing Journey. It can be found on Amazon.

The most recent acceptance is a story called Sunday Morning that has been recently published in, “Gleam: The Inner Circle Writers’ Group Second Flash Fiction Anthology 2019.” It is available for purchase at:


While there is no pay for this, but it is another feather in my writing cap. And, while I don’t know the details yet, there is a contest involved with this publication. As soon as I know details, I will let you know. Voting happens for each Clarendon House publication. The author that garners the most votes wins a contract for a future, paying, book. I’ll let you know when I learn how voting works.

Competition will be stiff for this. Not only are there many well crafted stories in this anthology, but there are some well established writers with large readership as well. No matter what happens, it is a privledge to be placed in a publication with such talented writers. It only whets my appetite for more.

With that said, I’m going to send this on it’s way, and get back to work! Have a great day!

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