Different cost of Discipleship

Yes, it’s true, I’ve been gone for quite some time. again. And this may also be short lived, but I need to do it once again. And this may be the time that everything clicks and it turns into lifestyle.

I’ve been watching teachings by Brother Keith Moore from Faith Life Church in Branson, Missouri. One of them, about being a disciple of Christ, spoke of the cost of being a disciple. He likened it to training for the Olympics or military training. It’s an awful lot of hard, strenuous work. It’s staying faithful EVERY day, not just once in a while. It’s focusing on Jesus every day, day after day, from now on.

Until now, as involved as I’ve been, as much as I’ve done, the trips I’ve been on, the training and classes I’ve done, have been as if I was playing a game of disciple. Well, I’m done playing. From this point, I’m going into strenuous training. I will commit myself to a training schedule. I will do my readings. I will concentrate on my classes. I will do my writing each week. These writings may or may not yield something fit to be posted, but I will do the writing.

I’ve been back and forth on this writing thing. I’m going to do it, I might do it, I’m going to try to do it, … Well, now, I’m going to do it. Am I up to such a challenge? I do believe I am. I have a new focus. I’m learning more about my LORD, and I’m learning more about myself. I’m here for a purpose, and I’m here to do ALL of it, not just part of it. And if I’m going to do ALL of it, I need to step up my game and that requires discipline and training.

So here I go. Stepping up to God’s will for me in all areas of my life. Hang on, it’s going to be a wild ride.