All For the Glory of God

Well, I’ve completed the textbook portion of my class on the Synoptic Gospels. I should have had several posts by now on the material that I’ve been learning in this class. But, as often happens, life has gotten in the way. There has been fun, discord, illness and just plain laziness. There have been other topics that, while quite valid and of good content, were still not on topic. And so, today I write again.

When I really throw myself into study, even though my eyes get so very tired from reading, my relief and my way of coming down from the pinnacle of the study mountain is to read some more. The book that I’ve been coming down on has simply taken me higher this time. I’m reading “Radical” by David Platt. And radical he is in his thinking. And I LOVE IT!! He is unapologetic about how we, as Americans, in general, have warped the message of Jesus to our American Dream point of view. And he calls us to live radical lives for God, just as Jesus did.

The course work that I have been studying has been laid out to detail the Good News of Jesus by giving the general background of the time he came into, the cultural, religious, political, and geographic area into which He was thrust. Then some information about the man himself, and then His message. And the upshot of His message is — the title of this post, and this blog — ALL FOR THE GLORY OF GOD! And that is the message of “Radical” as well. And even now, as I write, the worship music I’m listening to is singing, “Glory to God, in the highest. Glory to God, in the highest.”

When it really comes down to it, it really doesn’t matter if I know that one of Jesus’ primary teaching methods was the parable and that as He moved on in His ministry and opposition increased, His use of parables increased in order to keep the truth from the opposition and yet get it to those who had ears to hear. All that really matters is that God be Glorified in everything I say and do.

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